FIS019: Fisheries International Study Bursary Programme

Personal Development through International Study

Fisheries Innovation Scotland (FIS) is opening its International Study Bursary Programme, designed to help the career development of those working in or with the commercial fishing industry: catching, processing, supply chain, NGO, academia and so on. Awards will be made to winning applicants who have identified a specific short international study trip they believe will benefit their career and their ability to contribute to the sector in Scotland. The overarching theme of the study visit will be to address any aspect to any aspect of fisheries (processing, supply chain, NGO, academia and so on) f Fisheries Innovation and Sustainability.

This is a competitive Programme, with the best applicant receiving a study bursary each year. It is open to any Scottish-based individual, without gender or other bias.

Download the 2017/18 International Study Bursary Application Form. To download a flyer for the international study bursary click here.

The Closing Date for applications is 31st October 2017


General Guidance and Rules

  1. The competitive bursary programme is open to any Scottish-based individuals working, managing or researching in any field related to commercial fisheries
  2. The programme is looking for applications from individuals who have identified an international study / networking opportunity that they believe can further their own personal development and therefore their career. The programme is not especially aimed at fact-finding about how things are done in another country, since this type of information can be readily obtained in other ways
  3. Applicants must identify in detail where they propose to go, and must obtain their own costings on any travel, accommodation, insurance and subsistence that will be required. If awarded a bursary, the successful individual must make their own travel arrangements. FIS’ role is to provide financial support in the first instance, and then to provide an opportunity for sharing the experience once the study travel has been completed
  4. There is no set maximum budget for the bursary, but a relatively short study visit duration is anticipated: perhaps 2-3 weeks as an upper estimate
  5. No salary compensation can be offered, since it is envisaged that applicants will already be studying or in employment. The bursary is to assist with costs of the visit which could not normally be supported by the applicants’ current employer / funder. However, depending upon applicants’ circumstances a modest per diem arrangement might be considered. The need for this should be indicated on the application form
  6. Bursary applicants must use the International Bursary Application Form, which can be downloaded from the link above
  7. The completed application form must be submitted electronically by email attachment to FIS
  8. Applicants should supply as much information as possible in terms of justification for the award of a bursary, and must include fully costed travel plans with supporting evidence as appropriate
  9. All applications will be considered by a Judging Panel drawn from the FIS Board and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
  10. The decision of the Judging Panel will be final, and no correspondence between FIS and applicants will be entered-into
  11. The successful applicant will be informed by email/telephone, and will be announced in the industry and general media, including social media. An announcement of the successful applicant will be published on the FIS website
  12. The 2017/18 FIS Bursary ambassador will be expected to give a short presentation about their trip at the Scottish Fishing Conference in St Andrews on 9th and 10th of July 2018. The cost of attending the Conference will be covered by FIS.