FIS projects are commissioned on an annual basis, you can view information and, where available, download final reports by linking to the summary page for each project. FIS projects are categorised by main research topic, and currently these are:


·       Discard reduction – Quota management

·       Discard reduction – Technical innovation

·       Dissemination

·       Education

·       Environment / ecosystem

·       Management

·       Research prioritisation


For an overall graphic summary of the different topics covered by FIS projects so far, please click here.


2014-15 Projects

FIS001 - A review of the status of Scotland's capture fisheries and research and innovation projects highlighting knowledge gaps and data resources

FIS002 - Modelling the physical impact of demersal fishing gears on the seabed

FIS003 - Modelling the whole-ecosystem impacts of trawling

FIS004 - Slippage mitigation and acoustic characterisation (SMAC)

FIS005 - Reconsideration of European Relative Stability Quota Shares and Implications for the Landings Obligation

FIS006 - Mapping and modelling the incentives for a landing obligation in demersal fisheries

FIS007 - Post-catch survivability of under-sized Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus): Towards a regional and ecosystems-based approach

FIS008 – Annual Scottish Fishing Conference (ASFC) 2015

FIS009 - International Exchange Project 2015


2016-17 Projects

FIS010 - Innovation in governance & management

FIS011-A - Innovation in selectivity

FIS011-B - SMARTFISH Selective retention

FIS012-A - International quota management

FIS012-B - Economic analysis of quota allocation

FIS013 - Ecosystems: predator / prey interactions

FIS014 - Management in shared seas

FIS015 - Survival of post-catch Nephrops B

FIS017 - Annual Scottish Fishing Conference (ASFC) 2016


2017-18 Projects

FIS019 - Fisheries International Study Bursary Programme


2018-19 Projects

FIS020 - Industry Self-Sampling Pilot

FIS021 - BASFC 2018

FIS022 - UHI Fisheries Chair Business Case

FIS024 - In-water improvements in selectivity

FIS025 - Novel approaches to trapping: fishing and surveying

FIS026 - Fishing strategies to manage benthic footprint 

FIS028 - Workshop on fisheries resilience to climate change 

FIS029 - Evaluation of effectiveness of FIS Research 


International Study Bursary 2018