2016 ASFC Interview Podcasts

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On hand at the conference, Science Communicator Kelvin Boot took the opportunity to speak to a few of the key presenters.

Fergus Ewing MSP - With a special session on Scottish fishing post-Brexit the Annual Scottish Fishing Conference 2016 was delighted to welcome the new Cabinet Secretary with responsibility for Fishing, to address the delegates and answer questions. Fergus Ewing MSP spoke with Kelvin Boot straight after his presentation and began by informing Kelvin of the importance of Scottish fisheries and fishing.




John Goodlad - Following a successful Annual Scottish Fishing Conference 2016 FIS Chairman John Goodlad shared his delight at how the conference had gone with Kelvin Boot.





Prof. Ray Hilborn - In his keynote speech, ‘Fisheries Management and Environmental Benefits’, Prof Ray Hilborn from the University of Washington cast doubt on the need for marine protected areas (MPAs) advocating instead better fisheries management, which would result in improved fisheries as well as give environmental benefits. Prof Hilborn spoke to Kelvin who began by asking him why there was a mismatch between what the public generally believed and reality.




Michael Forbes - Michael was one of two young fishermen who were given the opportunity, through the FIS Placement Programme, to travel to British Columbia, Canada last year to live and work alongside local fishermen to see how things were done thousands of miles away in a different ocean. Michael shared his experiences with delegates at ASFC2016, and made a great impression. He spoke to Kelvin Boot who began by asking him how he first got involved with fishing.