2015 ASFC Interview Podcasts

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On hand at the conference, Science Communicator Kelvin Boot took the opportunity to speak to a few of the key presenters.


Richard Lochhead MSP - The Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Food and Environment (Scotland's Fisheries Minister) talks with Kelvin about the state of Scotland's fisheries, how the Scottish Government is supporting fishermen and the significance of FIS.





John Goodlad - The FIS Chairman catches up with Kelvin to discuss FIS and the success of the first Annual Scottish Fishing Conference.





Mike Park - The Chief Executive of the Scottish White Fish Producers Association and FIS board member shares his conclusions with Kelvin.





Wes Erikson - A Canadian skipper who travelled from British Columbia to address the conference with an inspiring talk about how his fishing community worked together to face discard regulation, but how similar are Scotland and British Columbia?





Mike Montgomerie - The Sea Fish Industry Authority gear technologist speaks to Kelvin about how important changes in gear and selection technologies might help the Scottish industry face the challenges of the Landings Obligation.