Governance and Membership

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Each member organisation may elect to nominate an individual to sit on the FIS Board as a Trustee and Director. The Chair of the FIS Board is an independent appointment, selected by FIS members from a shortlist of nominees. The current members of the FIS Board of Trustees/Directors are;

The Board of Trustees/Directors is responsible for directing the affairs of FIS in accordance with its mission and charitable purposes (as put forth in the FIS Articles of Association). With regard to the day-to-day management and operation of FIS the Board has delegated responsibility for this to the FIS Secretariat, overseen by the Executive Director.

Also assisting the Board in fulfilling their role is the FIS Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC is an independent group of experts with backgrounds in fisheries science, management, policy and the industry who volunteer their time to furnish the Board with advice and recommendations. Current members of the FIS Technical Advisory Committee include;



Membership of FIS shall be open to any organisation that meets the requirements of membership listed below and is accepted for membership by the sitting Board of Trustees/Directors.


1. Supports the FIS Charitable Purposes, which are;

i. to provide information and support to members, other organisations, public bodies and governments and to inform fisheries policies and management; and

ii. to advance, and to encourage the advance of, expertise, science and management of and in relation to prosperous and environmentally sustainable fisheries in Scotland; and

iii. to establish, undertake, manage, enable, encourage and promote education, research and training; and

iv. to contribute to and enhance the public’s knowledge and understanding of fisheries in and surrounding Scotland and elsewhere.


2. Has a demonstrable track record as a stakeholder in relation to Scotland’s fisheries and/or seas; and


3. Is willing and able to pay the minimum agreed annual subscription.


To inquire after membership of FIS please contact the FIS Executive Director, Kara Brydson, to discuss further.