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As part of its 2011 manifesto commitment, the Scottish Government pledged to investigate the potential of establishing a Scottish ‘Centre of Expertise for Fisheries Management’ to provide sound advice, based on applied research, to inform policy and practice in the management of Scottish fisheries. The result, after extensive consultation with the fisheries sector, was the formation of Fisheries Innovation Scotland.

FIS has a range of members including representatives from the fishing industry, government organisations, processing/retail sector and environmental NGO's. The research undertaken will be across a broad range of areas and will be required to meet the collective needs of FIS members.

The establishment of FIS and the organisations first year operational costs have been funded by the Scottish Government and the European Fisheries Fund (EFF).

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The second phase of projects has been supported by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and the Scottish Government.

Our Aims

Fisheries Innovation Scotland is a legally constituted, non-profit-distributing organisation, with the remit of bringing together government, scientists, industry and other key stakeholders within a formal structure to lead an on-going programme of research, knowledge exchange and education. FIS aims to deliver expert advice to help inform the governance and management of sustainable fisheries, the fishing industry and related supply chain throughout Scotland.

It is envisioned that FIS through its activities will meet many of the innovation objectives currently listed under the provisions of Article 26 of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The core focus is on innovations which will contribute both directly and indirectly to expanding the knowledge base needed to preserve our fisheries for future generations.


In a European context, FIS will work with existing bodies, such as the Regional Advisory Councils; the European Commission and ICES, with an aim to developing research links with other European fisheries with specific shared interests.


Our Objectives





The current version of the FIS Articles of Association can be access via this link.